Warranty Information


Golden Mayer provides One Year Limited Warranty on manufacturing defects. Please keep receipt of your purchase for warranty claims. Here are some terms and conditions for the Limited Product warranty. Goods shipped to and for use in the India warrants to Client that the Goods are free of material Defects in material and workmanship for one Year from delivery if properly stored, handled, assembled, maintained, and used under normal conditions in a non-commercial setting. “Defects” are defined as imperfection in material or wooden frame that will impair the use of the Goods.


This product warranty does not cover:

1) Defects caused by improper product storage, handling, assembly, maintenance, or use,

2) Defects occurring to the Goods after purchase due to product modification, intentional damage, accident, misuse, abuse, or negligence,

3) normal product wear and tear due to age including wearing or staining or loosening of fabric or any such material. Normal wear and tear or damage from daily use is not warranted—for example, fabrics and leathers may naturally fade or deteriorate over time, and cushion cores may soften and lose shape. These are normal conditions are not considered manufacturers' defects and are not covered under our warranty. Other exclusions include:

4) Labor or assembly costs,

5) Variations of color or texture in goods made of natural materials like fabric, leather, wood etc, Fabric and leather are not covered by any warranty. Buttons on tufted products covered with fabric/ leather are also not covered under warranty as we do not have any control over the usage of these products.

6) Commercial use of any goods (e.g., use in a commercial establishment or other setting outside of a personal residential setting).


If Client finds a material defect in material or workmanship in any goods, part or component, Client must report such defect during the relevant warranty period Golden Mayer Customer Service on info.goldenmayer@gmail.com. Golden Mayer in due course will repair or replace the goods free of charge. Replacement or repair of goods does not extend its warranty period beyond the original warranty expiration date. All Golden Mayer product warranties are limited warranties and are limited to the original purchaser with proof of purchase. Our warranty is non-transferrable and applies to residential (non-commercial) use only and is void if the furniture is used in what is considered to be a non-household setting, or misused, handled improperly, reupholstered or repaired by any resource other than us or our partners. For warranty issues, we will repair or provide reasonably equivalent furniture as a replacement due to any product defects. Replacement furniture will be of equal value to the original purchase price. No cash refund is available and in no case shall we be liable for more than the purchase price of the furniture or for incidental or consequential damages. Visible defects and variance to order details must be brought to our attention within 7 (SEVEN) days of delivery. Issues not presented within 7 days of delivery will be considered “acceptable” and will not be warranted.